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clictelecom - A Click to Call Web Service

What is Click to Call?

clictelecom click 2call service allows your website visitors to call you free from any part of the world. This technology can be installed to your company's website with a very easy and simple steps.

Visitors of your website don’t need to download any software or phone to make calls to your company. clictelecom click to call service offers this voice calling capability to website operators. Now whether it’s some huge e-commerce enterprise or a startup company. Simply select your plan and embed a “Call us” button onto your website. Visitors can click that button and call will be immediately forwarded to your landline, mobile phone, Gtalk, clictelecom virtual phone or your SIP server.



clictelecom Click2Call works great for improving online sales and/or customer service. With clictelecom Click to Call, you can increase conversion rates and sales volume while closing deals faster. You can significantly improve your customer satisfaction while optimizing the load on your contact center.


Click to Call for Online Sales

  • Turns visitors into customers. Increase conversion rates

  • Grows transaction values. Sell higher-value products and services

  • A sales lead is more likely to close if the visitor is connected with sales staff immediately

Click to Call for Customer Services

  • Improves customer satisfaction. Live voice communication serves the customers immediately

  • Reduces operating costs. Web calling can save 80% compared to toll free numbers

  • Increases the opportunity for first contact resolution